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18 June 2017 @ 02:21 pm
Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project!

In this community, you will find all of our works regarding reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

Membership is MODERATED. Just click the Join button and wait for your approval (commenting here is not required).
All entries are member-locked.
Please don't share the files outside of this community, instead, link back to here.
For the requests and uploads for other files masterpost, please read the rules carefully!
Do not reupload to any streaming site and do not make profit out of those files.

How to help us:
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To the fansubbers:
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To the new fans (and those whose HDD crashed, RIP)
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To those who wants quick updates
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02 September 2017 @ 05:25 pm
Hi everyone!

First of all, a big thank you to fishydotlove, nao_chan, spaask and unicorn1607 for their extra help in updating Arashi Project, they've been made mods :)

There hasn't been any new masterpost since august as there was really too much work to do with newshfan masterpost, as you could tell by the numerous August updates.

Now that things have settled down, we can now work on new masterposts, so today we're happy to open two new ones:
Don't forget to read the top of each entry to get all the informations you need.
The good thing is we have everything reuploaded for very_nadegata, so no need to call for reuploaders (but mirrors are always welcome ;))

Once again, thank you everyone for your help and support, and don't forget to check the Dead links Masterpost to see if there is something that you can help us reupload :)
06 July 2017 @ 09:22 pm
Hi everyone!

We have plenty of good news coming up! Our super amazing team is doing great making plenty of mirrors to secure the files and checking dead links so we're able to try to contact old communities admins.
I can already say we have been really successful and had the authorization from many of them already, so expect many new masterposts during July :)

Concerning this, we managed to get the authorization to reupload very_nadegata's files here!
As you may know, nadegata (whose account was purged) only worked with softsubs. We have almost all of them but we don't have the raws. Nadegata also allowed members to hardsub her work, and some of them were uploaded but are now dead.
So if any of you still have the complete set of work from very-nadegata consisting of RAW+SOFTSUB and/or the HARDSUB, please PM me (winkychan)!

Entry is public and all comments are screened to prevent any direct links to be posted accidently, and to prevent providers to be harassed.

Thank you for your help!

PS: I'm doing this special announcement in advance only because this is about softsubs and we have them already, we need the raws. For the other upcoming masterposts, they will be posted like all the other ones.
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