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18 June 2017 @ 02:21 pm
Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project!

In this community, you will find all of our works regarding reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

Membership is MODERATED. Just click the Join button and wait for your approval (commenting here is not required).
All entries are member-locked.
Please don't share the files outside of this community, instead, link back to here.
For the requests and uploads for other files masterpost, please read the rules carefully!
Do not reupload to any streaming site and do not make profit out of those files.

How to help us:
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To the fansubbers:
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To the new fans (and those whose HDD crashed, RIP)
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To those who wants quick updates
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19 April 2018 @ 10:00 pm
Hi everyone!

A quick update, to tell you that the mods of janiizu_subs are back and all the pending membership applications have been processed.

As a lot of people have been asking us regarding their membership for the past few months and we have been trying to hear back from them, I thought to let you all know that  I heard back from 18_sz this week and she gave me permission to advertise it here :)

We do not help them with their membership so please, do not ask us anything about it, I just thought I'll give you a quick heads-up about their status :)

Anyway, welcome back janiizu_subs! And if you're not a member already, please head over here ;)