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// lost on the web.

Update: Hashiri-dase Masterpost

Yes! WHAT?

Yes yes yes, after the sad show that happened last week, the good thing out of it was that we were contacted by the real owners of hashiri_dase and we managed to negociate for real for arashiproject!
Those who are members over there can read their last update explaining the situation and their approval to reupload here only the cuts they subbed (that means only 2 files should remain down, which is explained in the masterpost). The account will be deleted in 5 days and the files will only be available here.

So now, you can finally go and access the Hashiri-dase masterpost! (and it's already all mirrored, what an amazing team we have! <3)

Thank you once again for your support :)
Tags: !mod: update, comm: hashiri-dase

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