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Update: Juyoerai, Jpoplover101/Yamaoverkare & Angel-devils Masterposts

Hi everyone!

After yesterday disaster, I wanted to make it up to all of you so I hurried up on another masterpost!
The first one has all the links up and the second one has all the links down (yes it was already posted yesterday, but I wanted to do it properly again!), so counting on you to reupload the dead files if you have them :)

Also, just a heads up, those past few months, the AP team has worked on mirroring all the files over at angel_devils, and also to help admin eve_aida with her HTML codes for her masterposts over there, so now, all of the files of  angel_devils are accessible directly on the front page (if you might remember, some files were half reuploaded in the comment section etc etc...), this way, it's easier for all of you to access them :) And hopefully now, they're up for a really, really long time ^^
Thank you for your continuous support!
Tags: !mod: update, comm: angel-devils, comm: juyoerai, comm: yamaoverkaze, user: jpoplover101

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