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Update: Hashiri-dase & Jpoplover101/Yamaoverkare Masterposts

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, but even though I've personally been more quiet for the past months due to RL, the team has still been pretty active in the background, and we still have many masterposts to come :)
Without further ado, we're pleased to open today 2 new masterposts:
The first one has all the links up and the second one has all the links down, so counting on you to reupload the dead files if you have them :)

Thank you for your continuous support!

UPDATE: I'm really, really sorry, but I had to take down the new masterpost for hashiri-dase as it appears, unfortunately, that the person I managed to contact and who "gave me permission" was, in fact, not one of the admin and lied to me. This is something I dreaded happening with this kind of project and I deeply apologize for it.
The good thing out of it is that, because of this, I finally heard back from the real admins of hashiri-dase (who asked me to take the entry down, which I obviously did) and I will try to negociate at least the maintainance of their membership so you can still have access to the subs.
For those who managed to get the subs before I took the entry down, please respect the wish of the subbers and keep them to yourself.
Once again, i'm deeply sorry for this incident.
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