// lost on the web. (winkychan) wrote in arashiproject,
// lost on the web.

Update: Janiizu subs

Hi everyone!

A quick update, to tell you that the mods of janiizu_subs are back and all the pending membership applications have been processed.

As a lot of people have been asking us regarding their membership for the past few months and we have been trying to hear back from them, I thought to let you all know that  I heard back from 18_sz this week and she gave me permission to advertise it here :)

We do not help them with their membership so please, do not ask us anything about it, I just thought I'll give you a quick heads-up about their status :)

Anyway, welcome back janiizu_subs! And if you're not a member already, please head over here ;)
Tags: !mod: update, comm: janiizu_subs

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