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20 March 2018 @ 10:13 pm
A word from the people we helped  
In this entry, we will gather the messages we got from the fansubbers we helped.

If you're a fansubber we're trying to contact, looking at this, we hope that this will encourage you to accept our request to help you in reviving your work for the new and old fans :)

From pikamiya & matsupika of pikanchi_subs

We're writing this little message to vouch for Winky and the rest of the team back at Arashi Project. Without them, we'd probably still be in the dark recesses of an inactivity black hole.

Our subbing team had been inactive since late 2012. Suddenly the Great Big Monster we call Real Life attacked, and Pstar fell into a void when all team members succumbed to a slumber that pulled them from the magic land of Fandom and into the harsh realities of Life.

Then Winky reached out to us very kindly, asking permission to revive files we had long forgotten during The Great Pika Slumber, and waking us from our deep sleep. The team at Arashi Project saved our pika-asses by having backups of files we had lost forever. Their efforts and kindness ended up gently coaxing us back to activity, while respecting the community's boundaries and decisions all along the way.

So, long story short, the Slumber ended, the Pikas returned to the land of Fandom, and the long lost files were retrieved and are now safely back at Pstar once again. All thanks to the team back at Arashi Project that have been striving to reach out and collect dead subbed files that a lot of the newer fans would probably never get to set their eyes upon because of locked and inactive communities and dead mirrors that were never replaced.

So yup, we can vouch for Winky's earnestness and ethics while trying to retrieve these files. The team over at Pstar was treated with nothing less than kindness, respect and enthusiasm by the lovely people at Arashi Project.

From maricha74 of our_landscape

Winkychan and the team has been a great help to revive dead links.
I think It's really important for the fandom as it helps new fans enjoying the greatness that are arashi projects.
Old fans like me loose their files from time to time. The arashiproject helps to access old files again. In the safest and most respectful way to the rules.

Thanks also for helping managing the communities when RL prevent us from being in the fandom the way we used to.

From reza_danish of very_nadegata

I guess the most suitable word i can use to express my feeling is "Thank You So Much". Your team had done a great job to retrieve those dead link and make it available for new fans to enjoy Arashi shows. Previously, we did try to continue uploading, subbing and so on but reality takes it all as we rushing towards time to catch everything. So to arashiproject team, well done with the effort to continue uploading and makes most of arashian happy to watch Arashi :)

Best gratitude to all the team that had been working hard to make this project went well *thumbs up*

From cool1412 of cuticlefansubs

I originally started fansubbing around 2009 as a way to both learn Japanese and to give back to the Arashi community whom made me want to learn Japanese in the first place. I had thought it was sad that the Arashi fandom that I loved was gradually dying out due to the lack of accessible content for foreigners and wanted to help out a bit through my translations. However, like other unofficial subbers, I became unable to have time for it anymore.

So, as a member of the international
Arashi fandom and former-relier-of-English-subs-that-still-enjoys-the-security-of-having-English-subtitles-every-so-often-since-it-/is/-my-original-language-after-all, I am grateful that there are still active people in the international Arashi fandom like those in the Arashi Project that are willing to work hard to revive the fandom for the sake of continuing to spread the Arashi love around the world. My translations were made to help spread the Arashi love, and I hope they will continue to do so.

From harunomasu of ao_no_michi

When I first got contacted about the link revival, I'm actually happy that there are fans out there who still care about the new fans so that they could get the subbed video of their favorite group. I've been away from the fandom far too long and I don't have that kind of passion anymore within me, so I'm very grateful for Arashi Project to help in reviving all the dead links so that we could share again with other new fans

michelleosusmichelleosus on March 21st, 2018 07:43 am (UTC)
echo these sentiments
Thank you to Winkychan and Arashi Project for your sensitivity, hard work and can do attitude. As a relatively new fan I am forever grateful for all that you do. Sincere thanks to the many communities who have agreed to allow this work.
jinnieyukijinnieyuki on March 21st, 2018 09:24 am (UTC)
The newer fans can't thank you enough for the hard work that you, Winkychan and the rest of the staff of Arashi Project went through just so we can have the what they call "gold mines" of Arashi's earlier projects. My sincerest thank you, with a bow for the rest of the team here at Arashi Project.
nisyznisyz on April 22nd, 2018 11:07 am (UTC)
If this isn't dedication, I don't know what is. Thank you Arashiproject team!