// lost on the web. (winkychan) wrote in arashiproject,
// lost on the web.

Update: Jounetsu8 revival project

Hi everyone!

This entry will be a pimp post for jounetsu_8 revival project, you can read everything in this entry (membership is open).

If you don't know this community, they're more focused on Juniors and more recent Johnny's groups, mostly Kis-My-Ft.2 and Johnny's WEST, but we love Johnny's overall here and we'll support any project trying to revive those subs. So if you have any of their files, please go over there to help them, and if you don't have them, go discover some new groups ;)

And thanks to our team member hanajp who helped them in this project, you did great dear!

And to stay on Arashi/AP topic, a big new masterpost is coming soon (hopefully next month, after I've recovered from Arashi's new album XD).

Thank you once again for your support everyone!

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