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Recruitment: extra mirror makers

Hi everyone!

Our amazing team has already done a great job mirroring a damn lot of files here, some masterposts are already complete, but we still need extra help.

Judging the size of Newshfan masterposts, there's no wonder we need some extra help with this task (thank you to all who've been contributing, you've been amazing!)

For those wondering, mirroring a file  means uploading it to a different hosting site than the one already listed, so that, in case the original link dies (it's deleted, or the hosting site shuts down), it will still be alive on another hosting site.

This task is great for new fans who wish to help the fandom but don't know where to start as all you need is an internet connection. If you don't know how to mirror files, we have a video tutorial ready for you.

If you wish to help us, please PM me (winkychan), or simply comment in this entry and I'll send you a PM with the informations.

Thank you once again everyone for your help :)
Tags: !mod: update

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