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New masterpost update

Hi everyone!

A new masterpost have been opened. There's only one because it can count for several masterposts on its own XD
I'm talking of course about the Newshfan masterpost which we had to split into 8 parts because it is that enormous!
The "Dead links masterpost" has NOT been updated accordingly as all the softsubs are available, and there's simply too much to list. But you will find links back to the masterposts where you'll be able to see which files are not reuploaded.

Important note about Newshfan: ALL her softsubs are available in the masterposts. That means, what we need are:

  • working raw to original softsub

  • hardsubbed version if it was ever released

  • new raw that we can work on for retiming

  • softsub retimed to new working raw

Also don't forget to check the "Requests and uploads for other files Masterpost", as we're done checking every links at we_make_storm.

We still have many other masterposts coming up soon, so keep up with us :)

Thank you everyone for your collaboration!
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