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22 October 2013 @ 04:03 pm
Fourth Update  
Hi folks,

My apologies for disappearing for a month. I've been ridiculously busy with RL and work so I haven't had the time to update this comm.

Anyway, to those still interested in helping out (names of files needed to be uploaded can be found here - http://arashiproject.livejournal.com/1073.html), just leave a comment with the filename and then just go ahead and upload. Afterwards, please PM the DL link to me, and once everything's done (or maybe once we reach the halfway mark) I'll collate all the new links and send them to Jeffer, and Jeffer will update the original posts. Jeffer also told me that she'll make sure to credit the uploaders.

To be clear - no links outside Jeffer's personal journal, arashi_yuuki, and tsuribaka.

I'll make sure to reply to all comments in the previous update posts in around two weeks. Thanks for being so patient!