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Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project

Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project!

In this community, you will find all of our works regarding reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

Membership is MODERATED. Just click the Join button and wait for your approval (commenting here is not required).
All entries are member-locked.
Please don't share the files outside of this community.
Do not reupload to any streaming site and do not make a profit out of these files.
Please refrain from mentioning LiveJournal/Dreamwidth and ArashiProject on official Arashi or JE accounts. This also means no linking back to us on official accounts.

For the requests and uploads for other files masterpost, please read the rules carefully!

How to help us:

  • We need help reuploading the missing files. Please check the Dead Links Masterpost and the Request Masterpost. In case you have a lot to share with us, you might prefer to send a PM directly to arashiproject_m with the links, because LJ might think you're a spambot if you spam too much links in the comment section. You never know.

  • We need mirrors for most of the files. Right now, nearly 90% of the reupload are hosted on MEGA. Do I need to remind you that, if this community was created, it's mainly because all of the old files were hosted on Megaupload, so we need to diversify the hosting sites. Best options are Mediafire, 4Shared,and Yandex. Especially if you're a new fan who wants to help but don't know how, making mirrors is the solution for you :) If you don't know how this work, you can find dedicated video tutorials at sub_sub_gakkou : MEGA, Mediafire, 4Shared, Yandex.

  • We need help contacting other communities. If you know how to contact some of the old communities, please inform us here or send a PM to arashiproject_m, winkychan (also reachable through twitter @winkysakurai), amh1988, kazukazu89 or hanazawahyuuga.

To the fansubbers:
We understand if you don't want your links posted outside your community. What we can suggest is that we can help you reupload the files, and you can be the one to edit the original journal entry of the subbed file. However, if you don't have time to maintain/update your community, we are more than willing to help you maintain the community (in accepting new members and updating old posts with new links). This way, your links will still remain inside your community.

If you allow us to work with you, to your choice we can:

  • host the masterpost on arashiproject with direct mega/mf links

  • host the masterpost on arashi project with links to a comment posted on the original entry of your community, and only this comment will have the mega/mf link

  • host the reupload project at arashiproject (calling for people to reupload) but every comment will be screened, then we will send you a file listing all the links then you'll be able to update your entries with it

  • make a call on arashiproject asking them to go to your reupload post to help (if you have one)

To the new fans (and those whose HDD crashed, RIP)
We're glad you've found your way here. If you're new, we suggest first that you read the Arashi starter guide made by winkychan which will help you understand how to navigate the fandom. We also recommend that you use JDownloader 2 to download any of the files (a tutorial can be found here), it will make your experience easier, as it can detect all the links in an entry and bulk download :) It can also help you outpass the Flexydrive error messages.

To those who wants quick updates
If you don't check LJ often, I suggest subscribing to the following notifications triggers to be notified of new uploads:

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