Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project

Welcome to the Arashi Dead Links Project!

In this community, you will find all of our works regarding reuploading the dead subbed files made by old subbing teams, in the respect of their rules.

Membership is MODERATED. Just click the Join button and wait for your approval (commenting here is not required).
All entries are member-locked.
Please don't share the files outside of this community.
Do not reupload to any streaming site and do not make a profit out of these files.
Please refrain from mentioning LiveJournal/Dreamwidth and ArashiProject on official Arashi or JE accounts. This also means no linking back to us on official accounts.

For the requests and uploads for other files masterpost, please read the rules carefully!

How to help us:
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To the fansubbers:
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To the new fans (and those whose HDD crashed, RIP)
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To those who wants quick updates
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Sho - Scarf

Update: Niji no Kakera reopening

Hi everyone!

I know you've been waiting for this a loooooooong time! We're finally reopening niji_no_kakera!

Things to note:

  • We've reset all the pending membership application, you need to reapply in order to be added by us.

  • If you're already a member, no need to worry, you'll stay a member, and please have a look at the dead files in the masterpost to help us recover them :)

  • The rules and conditions for application are the same as before, on request of lovu_lovu_aiba who allowed us to maintain it, we just made the rules clearer / less vague so you know exactly what you have to do in order to join :)

  • We were allowed only 3 team members to maintain the community (including myself) so please be patient the first few weeks as we go through the massive application process!

Thank you once again for your continuous support!
Sho - Scarf

Update: Hatenai-subs Masterpost

Hi everyone!

We're pleased to open today a new masterpost:
There's a lot of HSJ subs as well, please don't hesitate to share if you have any if the dead files!

If you're new here, please check here to see how to join us :)

Thank you for your continuous support!

PS: I know you're going to ask, so for NNK, we're currently mirroring everything we have (and that's a lot, consider +100 files HQ/MQ) because a lot of them are only available on baidu, and we know that won't work for 90% of you. So we want to make sure that everything is ready for most of you before opening :)
Sho - Scarf

About Niji no Kakera

Yes. niji_no_kakera

You've been waiting.

You've been asking.

You've been crying.

AND IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Please give us some time as it's pretty huge to tackle, but the team is making it the top priority (meaning, don't expect it this weekend unless I skip eating and sleeping XD). No need to apply for membership YET, when we open the new masterpost over there, we will reset all membership applications and only THEN will you be able to apply! We will keep you informed here :)

Thank you for your patience and to all the people who made it possible <3
Sho - Scarf

O-E-subs revival

Hi everyone!

I'm super excited to announce you that we have been made maintainers of the o_e_subs community! There's A LOT of files to reupload, from a lot of different fandoms (mainly TOKIO and Kanjani8), so please spread the news as much as you can!

For you Arashi fans, it means you can finally complete your Shukudai collection with episodes 33 and 120 ;) (there are some other Arashi subs as well, please search by "Arashi" or any of the member's name in the masterpost!).

Please head over this entry to know how to join and help :)
Sho - Scarf

Update: Hashiri-dase Masterpost

Yes! WHAT?

Yes yes yes, after the sad show that happened last week, the good thing out of it was that we were contacted by the real owners of hashiri_dase and we managed to negociate for real for arashiproject!
Those who are members over there can read their last update explaining the situation and their approval to reupload here only the cuts they subbed (that means only 2 files should remain down, which is explained in the masterpost). The account will be deleted in 5 days and the files will only be available here.

So now, you can finally go and access the Hashiri-dase masterpost! (and it's already all mirrored, what an amazing team we have! <3)

Thank you once again for your support :)