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READ THIS ENTRY BEFORE SENDING PMS, please. The bullet points below answer what communities are part of AP (basically whose files are we reuploading) and HOW TO JOIN AP.

  • Most of the older subbed videos are gone. There are a lot of fans out there who would be willing to help out, but all of us would like to ask for the fansubbers' approval if we can reupload their files.

  • This community will contain all of taijiprojectsub's (Becky) subbed files. Per Becky's request, posts containing her files are locked to members only. Please join arashiproject to access these files. Please remember not to share Becky's files outside the community, but please feel free to direct everyone who wants to download the files to this community. Everyone's welcome!

  • This community will contain ao_no_michi's subbed files. All files will be on locked posts that only members have access to. Again, please remember not to share these files outside this community, but please feel free to redirect everyone who wants to download them here.

  • This community will contain all subbed files that techni_teddy and nyanchan have collaborated on. Again, please remember not to share these files outside this community, but please feel free to redirect everyone who wants to download them here.

  • Just click on JOIN, and wait to be accepted in the community!


  • [Lyra/hanazawahyuuga here] As of 10.22.2016, AP is OPEN to trying to contact any other inactive subbing communities. If there are other comms that you wish to be contacted, please send me the email address and the LJ user of the owner/maintainer of that community. Email me at lyra.gill@gmail.com.

To the fansubbers:

  • We understand if you don't want your links posted outside your community. What we can suggest is that we can help you reupload the files, and you can be the one to edit the original journal entry of the subbed file. However, if you don't have time to maintain/update your community, I am more than willing to help you maintain the community (in accepting new members and updating old posts with new links). This way, your links will still remain inside your community.

If you want to help reupload, or if you want to create mirror links, please click on the links below for more details:If you want to help, just join this community and comment away!

BNS Masterpost
Hi guys! It's been a while! But I guess I couldn't stay away from the fandom forever... ;)

Anyway... new project! I don't know about you guys, but bakanosekai is largely responsible for making me a JE fan. Most of the links to their subbed files are dead, but according to their last post which you can see below, they have no qualms against fans reuploading their subbed files... as long as we follow their rules, of course!

As stated in our community profile, you may upload our releases outside BNS as long as you follow the rules:

1. You don't edit the file in any way.
2. Filename has [BNS] at the start.
3. Please make sure that you do NOT upload any of our releases on online streaming sites, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, vimeo etc.

I am asking help from you guys - if you do happen to have any of the files below, please upload them to a hosting site of your choice, and just comment the link in this entry.
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I'm looking forward to making the next part of our project a success!!!

Thank You and See You Later
Hi Everyone,

Lyra here for most probably my last post here in AP. It's a long time coming and I'm sure some of you aren't surprised, but I've decided to step down from actively maintaining the community. I'll still be the owner and one of the maintainers, but as I've said, I won't be that active anymore. From this day forward, Dekka will be the main maintainer of AP, and I hope that you guys give her the support and the encouragement you have given me.

To this day, I still can't believe all that we have achieved with AP. We have recovered so many subbed videos, and I'm sure that you guys will continue doing that. I remember that when I first started AP, so many people were eager to tell me of all that could go wrong, and that this project wouldn't be successful... but guess what? 3000 members later and hundreds of subbed files reuploaded... Hey, we didn't do too bad didn't we?

This only goes to show what this fandom is capable of if we just work together.

Also, I'd like to take the time to apologize to everyone. I know I wasn't the best maintainer - I was always disappearing for long stretches of time, and for that, I am truly, truly sorry. I have no excuses to make, and I accept that the 'hiatus' of this community is mostly my fault. I do know that I am leaving you in capable hands, and I'm excited to see this little project of mine - of OURS - continue to move forward.

So... here I am, dropping by to say thank you... and goodbye see you later. Should you need to get in touch, email me at lyra.gill@gmail.com, or tweet me at @lygill. Working with all of you has been my pleasure, and while there were a number of hate comments and messages, most of you have been nothing but supportive. For that, I will always, always, always be thankful. This fandom, and most especially Arashi, have given me so much.

Again, thank you.

All the best,

Hello, long time no see
Hi members,
I know this community have been idle for a while. That's why first I want to say sorry, since I quiet busy before to maintain this community.
Second, this community is still active, so don't worry. But it seems that no new link come and some of the links already dead (again). So with this I ask you to help make this community active again by reupload the links that still haven't reupload yet, reupload the dead links, and inform us about dead links. You can inform me about dead links by commenting in this post and send the links to my email dekkawai@gmail,com. At the moment links that we need to be re upload are links from Taiji, Ao no Michi and Techni_Teddy + nyanchan.
Since I can't edit what Lyra posted before, if you find any Taiji's or Techni_Teddy + nyanchan's that need to be re uploaded, I'll make a new post about them later so I can post the new link there.

That's all from me for now. I hope...errr... there are people who will responding to this. Thank you :)

Hi everyone, I see that Dekka has already made a post about this, but let me reiterate some points.

It has come to my attention that some people are bothering/hassling members into giving them links to the reuploaded subbed files. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. STOP DOING THIS. Per the subbers' request, the new links are stored HERE AND ONLY HERE IN THIS COMMUNITY. PLEASE. Let us all respect the subbers' wishes. Also, do not bother members, and spam them with messages begging for links. ARASHI PROJECT IS OPEN TO ALL. YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO CLICK ON JOIN, WAIT FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO BE APPROVED, AND THAT'S IT! Simple as that. Again, please do not hassle members and uploaders who have spent time doing something for the community.

I have posted about how I lost the links of Jeffer, Tsuribaka and Arashi-Yuuki sent to me by some of you. For this, I apologize, and as mentioned by one member in several comments here, this part of the project has stalled. I asked those who still have a copy of the links they helped reupload to send them via email, but so far, only one member sent me the links that she has. If I understood correctly, she has gone ahead and sent these links to Jeffer herself, and Jeffer has since then started to edit her posts with working links. Since there are no more links on my end, I urge those who want to help reupload Jeffer's files to continue to do so, and to PM the links to Jeffer themselves. Again, I am so sorry for failing to accomplish this part of the project. I will be taking down the post here in arashiproject that focuses on Jeffer's files. Do note that this community DOES NOT HAVE LINKS TO ANY OF JEFFER'S SUBBED VIDEOS. They are all in her LJ. Please let me know if you have more suggestions regarding this.

Thank you!

Little Announcement
Few weeks ago one of the member of this community contact me. It seems that people bothering her with asking for download link instead of join this community. So I want to make some things clear for all the member and future member:

  1. Please join Arashi Project community, instead of asking people who already join this community for download links

  2. Please stop asking someone who said they will upload some files whether they already upload the file or not

  3. We will just post/ask for links if they dead in the original post, so if the links is still up in their original post, we won't post those here

  4. Please also try to join the original community such as Arashi-Yuuki, and Tsuribaka, if they still open their membership, because we won't post their link here. The maintainer of those community will post the files we help to re-upload in the original community.

I don't want people who help us reuploading the dead links feel bothered by others who didn't even try to join this community. Please understand.
Thank you :)

Jeffer, Tsuribaka, and Arashi_Yuuki Files
Hi everyone - I just need a little help.

My laptop crashed, and as a result, the excel file that I was compiling for Jeffer (which was more than halfway done) is now gone. Because I deleted the messages with the newly uploaded links sent to me (in an effort to keep my LJ inbox manageable), I have no way to recover these files. I'd like to ask for the help of the members who helped me reupload some months ago - can you please send me the links again? Please email me at thespiritofthestaircase@gmail.com with the links and your LJ username. I'm so so sorry for the hassle, and I really, really appreciate the help. I know that this community hasn't been the most active (and that's because of me and how hellish 2014 has been), but I'll remedy that soon. I promise to send the excel file to Jeffer before the year ends no matter what.

On a more positive note, thank you so so so much to Dekka for doing such a great job with the ao-no-michi files!

Hi :D
kiss sho
Hello, it's been long time :D
Well I just want to remind you that some of the files in Ao no Michi master post still haven't been reupload yet, so if any of you have the files please help us :)
Also there's some new list and new file in the masterpost, please check it :D

Thank you~~

Help me welcome Dekka!
Hey everyone!

dekkawai will be helping me moderate and maintain the community. Hopefully with her on board this community will be more updated! :) Please help me give her a warm welcome, everyone!

Help Needed.
Hey folks, if you're willing to help me out in maintaining this community, please send me an email at thespiritofthestaircase@gmail.com. Thank you@


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